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A Complete Line of Traceability Kits

We carry a complete line of kits that fit many common harvesting and packing situations. Our unique combination of inexpensive kits and customized software provide a simple and cost-effective way to solve your traceability record keeping and labeling needs.

SLK (Simple Line Kit)

Mobile Input, Portable Printing, Dual Input & Easy Analysis

The SLKs provide simple, tailored, and complete PTI Traceability for a packing line.

POD (Print On Demand kit)

Scattered Printers, Multiple Handheld Computers, Single Data Server & Complete Solutions

When the labels need to printed in several places to maximize efficiency.

CPS (Carton Printing System)

Pre-Printed Carton Labels, Label Gun Application, PTI-Compliant & Sequence Inclusion (SI)

For non-binned products, the PTI requires a compliant label on each carton. Our simple-to-understand system solves this problem with minimal impact on your operation.